President Obama Answering Questions On Twitter

Politics is a touchy subject that generates a strong opinion from all people. When you mix politics with social media outlets you get an arena of responses stemming from mixed emotions. Never before has a President and his discussion of social issues been so transparent for all eyes to see. Public … [Read more...]

Using Social Media for Collaboration and Testing

When you get stuck on product development or on a solution to a client’s problem, and you’re the only one running and working for your business, it’s hard to collaborate with others. If you’ve got a mentor or a working relationship with another professional or business owner, it helps.  There’s … [Read more...]

Skype Powered Video Calls Started By MySpace

There is a latest buzz in the social media that Facebook is preparing to launch skype powered calls, well this is true but the actually fact is how quickly we tend to forget things. In 2007, My Space which has lost its significance due to the emergence of Facebook, Orkut and other social networking … [Read more...]

A Short History of Javascript

JavaScript was originally called Mocha and then the name was briefly switched to LiveScript before finally settling on JavaScript. It came out in 1995 and has evolved, like everything does, since then into a highly versatile programming language. Today, JavaScript is one of the most used web … [Read more...]

7 Techniques for Search Engine Optimized URL Structures

URL structure plays an important role. It’s a foundation which needs to be done correctly. Here are some vital tips to optimize your URL structure. 1) Simplicity and Position: Words closer to the domain have higher value and receive more weight age by Google’s crawlers. Therefore, keywords should … [Read more...]

Facebook Chat Vs. Google+ Chat Features

The old saying “Trying to keep up with the Jones” definitely applies to social media companies who spend time in Facebooks rear view mirror. Many companies have tried to make a name for themselves but Facebook has made sure they get no attention. From the outside looking in, it would seem that … [Read more...]

Pope Benedict XVI First Tweet on Twitter

Yes, It is true. Social media users were touched by words from one of the most important religious figures in the world. Pope Benedict XVI joined in on the social media craze by speaking to the masses via Twitter. This may not be a historical moment as of now but I am sure this moment will be in … [Read more...]

Social Media is Google’s Answer to Facebook – Google Plus +

The top most search engine has turned into a social network of a gigantic size! That’s the news around since the last week, with Google’s another innovation, which some call late while others find just on time; Google Plus is yet another significant breakthrough from the tech titans. With several … [Read more...]

Genuine Backlinks Come From Genuine Relationships

The web is cosparged with link building techniques: forum posting and blog commenting make the top ranked methods to boost online exposure, only to be followed by blog advertising and paid blogroll links. Have you ever pondered on the reason that pushed Google to such a profound disdain for paid … [Read more...]

Is Google TV Teaming Up With Hulu?

The business of social media is constantly changing for the better. Just when you thought you have seen it all, new technology comes along to make your life easier. The endless possibilities of online interaction using social media websites has led users to keep looking for the newest thing. Those … [Read more...]