What Do Relationships Have to Do with SEO?

Search engine optimization in 2010 tips focus a lot on technology and methods for pleasing major search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing. The secret to success though, is a combination of technology and relationships. The ones who do well with SEO are often the ones who excel at building online … [Read more...]

Pay for Premium Domain Names

If you’ve balked at paying more than $9 for a domain name in the past, you should consider changing your mind if you want to excel at search engine optimization in 2010. A premium domain name is costly upfront, but it does make marketing much easier, less costly and more relevant to the search … [Read more...]

The Role of Forums in Social Media Marketing

Social media refers to a medium in which users participate and share. Forums fit this definition spot on, and when you think of social media marketing tactics, you should not forget about forums. Users initiate discussions and generate topics in forums, and other users can comment, expound on a … [Read more...]