Time Management Tips for Social Media Marketing

You’re sold on social media marketing, but you don’t have time. Or do you? Your ability to effectively manage your time can make the difference in whether your social media marketing campaign will succeed or fall flat on its face. If you find yourself struggling in this area, consider these tips … [Read more...]

Social Networking: The Softer Side of the Hard Sale

Popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn have spread like wildfire over the last few years. There are millions of individuals currently using these social media sites and these sites are growing in popularity more and more every day. People are not only using … [Read more...]

Beware Marketer: Customers Hate Fluff in Articles

Content is key in any social media marketing strategy that you undertake.  If you don’t provide quality content, you’ll lose any interest in your business, and you’ll destroy your brand in the long run. It’s important to take this issue seriously and apply it. That goes for the content you post on … [Read more...]

Online Marketing Services for Website Promotion

Popularization of your website needs some advertisement techniques that involve promote of your product and services to the visitors. The first stage in the website endorsement is the understanding of the business objective at the right sense, who is your target visitor? Is your website suitable to … [Read more...]

Five Reasons to Use PPC Advertising

Advertisement is essential for ones website promotion that increases the traffic of their business site. The ppc advertising methodology plays a major role in making your site more productive in a time period with effective incoming visitors and readers. Pay per click advertisement is one of the … [Read more...]

Social Media Sparks Egyptian Revolution

Social media is no longer limited to status updates and posting photos from a friend’s birthday party. Social media has quickly become one of the most influential factors in grassroots socio-political mobilization across the globe. The January 25 revolution in Egypt gained a major foothold with the … [Read more...]

Using Social Media Sharing to Boost Email Click through Rates

You may not have considered it before, but there’s a reason why some of the emails you receive include a social media sharing option: Emails with social media sharing options get higher click through rates than those without. The percentage of increase is nothing to sneeze at, either. For example, … [Read more...]

What Yahoo! and Facebook Integration Means to Small Business

Yahoo! and Facebook are combining forces to make social media even more accessible to users. If you use Yahoo! Mail for sending and receiving emails, you’re probably used to checking it multiple times per day. Imagine being able to post content on Facebook when you get to your Yahoo! page, or being … [Read more...]

Teens Rebel against Social Media: How that Affects Your Business

Chances are that you’ve been marketing to teens on Facebook and other social media websites, if they are your target market.  A study reported in the Detroit News showed that 19 percent of Facebook’s teen audience has left Facebook. Teens are leaving Facebook, because their parents and other adults … [Read more...]