Buy and Build an Existing Website

An effective strategy for search engine optimization in 2010 may be to buy an existing website. Leveraging someone else’s sweat capital and history with the search engines rather than starting from ground zero is a wise idea in many cases. You’ll fall flat on your face if you choose the wrong … [Read more...]

Search Engine Optimization Lessons to Learn from Demand Media Studios

Demand Media excels at providing a large amount of content on a daily basis, more than 4,000 articles. Busy writers, who are employed or work as freelancers, work to generate 30- to 500-plus word articles for the company based on the hot keywords being searched. If you’re working on search engine … [Read more...]

Is Social Media Marketing about Entertaining, Marketing or Both?

You may not be doing as much social media marketing as you should, because you’re not interested in being an entertainer. Unless you’re in the entertainment business, you’re worried about meeting your financial goals on a daily and weekly basis. Entertaining the masses is not what you signed up for … [Read more...]