Google Places is Good News for Home Business Owners

When you do a search for a business in Google, the business address and website information will often pop up in the search. It might pop up even if you use keywords related to the business, without knowing the name of a particular business. That was huge opportunity for brick and mortar businesses … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Businesses Can use Social Media to Get More Money

Soliciting donations from individuals and other organizations is increasingly more difficult because of the economic downturn. The nonprofit businesses that will do well are those willing to think outside the box. New ways of reaching donors is key to getting the donations you need, and social media … [Read more...]

Measuring the Results of Social Media Marketing

It’s not enough to engage in social media marketing; you have to measure the results. That’s the only way to know whether it’s working for your business. You’ll also know where and how to make improvements if certain aspects of your marketing strategies aren’t working. Criteria for Measuring … [Read more...]

Facebook takes on FourSquare and Google with Locations features

Facebook is another step closer to world domination. Information has leaked that Facebook is set to roll out location-based features for users and brands as soon as this month. According to Advertising Age, users could see location options any day now. These features include the ability to check in … [Read more...]

How Google Being Blocked Can Affect Your Online Business

If you use Google to help promote your business locally or to customers in the United States, then you’re not going to have huge concerns about Google services being blocked around the world. If you make a living blogging or need to reach a global market, then you need to keep an eye on Google … [Read more...]

Social Media Advertising Study Can Help Your Business

You may be wondering whether social media advertising is effective and if you should plan to incorporate it in your social media marketing mix at some point down the road. The Washington Post revealed results about a study conducted by Nielsen about social media advertising, and the response rates … [Read more...]

What is Social Recruiting for Businesses?

Are you too busy to go out and meet prospective employees? If you’re a small business owner who wants to build a global business using various independent contractors, in-person recruitment may be impossible.  That’s why you should consider social recruiting. In a nutshell, social media  improves … [Read more...]

No Need to Hunt Around for Small Business Apps

Time is money when you’re a small business owner, and you probably don’t have time to scour the Internet trying to find every application you need to promote or expand your small business.  One small business that can help yours is an apps store. These pull together mobile and web apps for you, … [Read more...]

Social Media Plus SEO Yields Higher Results for Your Business

Once you get on board the social media bandwagon (and it’s important to get on sooner rather than later), you’ll have to compete more effectively by using SEO practices. When it comes to marketing your business through social media, your job is to beat the competition online through social skills … [Read more...]

Google Updates Search Results Page

In case you have not noticed, today Google has changed the look and feel of its website.  the homepage buttons have a new, sleek feel to them.  The search box has  a shadowing effect now.  Even the top navigation options appear after the page has loaded.  This is to increase site speed, something … [Read more...]