Useful Questions to Ask When Getting Started with Social Media

Sanja Gjenero

The  overwhelming amount of information available about social media might make you dizzy as you try to think about how to get started. There are many options, and choosing where to focus your efforts  is sometimes difficult. As a small business owner or sole entrepreneur, you probably don’t have a large team dedicated to social media marketing. You have only 24 hours each day to fit that in with other forms of marketing, and the myriad of other business tasks that consume your attention. Mark Evans from The Global Mail has a list of questions to ask and some suggestions when getting started with social media:

“One of the biggest challenges facing many companies is figuring out where to start. Where should their social media efforts be focused? What should they be doing? And how do they make social media happen?

…perhaps the easiest way to get started with social media is to simply listen to what’s going on.

Listening means getting an idea about where the conversations about your company, brand, competitors and industry are happening. Is most of the action taking place within blogs or Facebook or Twitter? Or is there very little chatter within the social media landscape?”

Evans explains that few branding and product development happens on Facebook in comparison to the number of users. Knowing this information will redirect you to other forms of social media.

Your end goal should be to boost sales and drive more traffic to your website. Social media is one marketing method that you can use to do that. In order to achieve that, you have to listen to what’s happening in cyberspace first, and then go to where potential customers are. Don’t waste your time blogging 3 times a day, if the customers you serve are only interested in tweets once a day.

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