PageTitle, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords Tags for SEO

As of lately the search engines have been placing less emphasis on the Meta title tag, Meta description tag, and Meta keyword tag. It has become too easy to manipulate these attributes into misleading searchers to your site. It is not to say that these fields have no impact in regards to SEO and SEM. They title and description tags are great places to have keywords that comprise complete sentences. No longer must you only focus on the search engines (SEO), but now you must make it readable and compelling to searchers (SEM).

The Meta title and Meta description tags are very important aspects to help increase click through rates. If the Meta tags are missing keywords or are unreadable to humans, then they will ultimately fail. Using Google’s AdWords Tool can help target specific keywords that are receiving large volumes of searches with limited competition. Once the keywords are chosen you must manipulate them to flow into sentences that can sell your product or service. The Meta title tag should not exceed 70 characters. The Meta description tag should not exceed 150 characters. Anymore characters will not show up in the search engine results, rendering them useless in terms of SEM. They still are valuable for SEO purposes as the Meta title will still show up on the blue bar on the top left of your website. The Meta keywords tag has no more relevance for SEO purposes. All the emphasis has been moved to links and content. Just remember that the Meta keywords are losing value in the algorithms as we speak.

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